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We're in this together. We are a nonprofit that formed just a week ago to provide meals for hospitality workers laid-off during the Coronavirus shutdown from. In its first days, H3 distributed over 12,000 free meals to hospitality workers, their families, local charities, and others in need at our pop-up food distribution center, Howley’s Restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL. You can do this too.

We believe there is a new model, we know it works.

For my fellow restaurateurs, join our Hospitality Helping Hands Program. We need to ramp up our efforts, as we expect the need will increase exponentially. With unemployment rates at a record high and economists predicting “a catastrophic unemployment crisis,” our mission is only beginning. In this unprecedented time in history, we must come together to alleviate hunger for those who have lost their income suddenly and indefinitely.

Here's How It Works:​


Provide one hot, wholesome meal each day, with a set price of no more than $8. Why $8? In our current economic situation, charging $28 for a takeout steak in this economy, is not only unethical, but unsustainable. If you sell 500 meals, the numbers work. (30% of the $8 rehires kitchen staff,  30% for food cost, 13% for to-go containers, bags, and utensils, 10% for utilities, and 17% for front of house runners and managers.

Match paid meals with an equal amount of free meals. Sell 500 meals, provide 500 meals for free. 

Equally distribute payment to every employee that works, regardless of typical salary. Your 90k chef gets the exact same cut as your $10-hour dishwashers. This is the time we all need to make sacrifices and band together. We all have bills to pay.


Maintain your typical meal quality that you currently serve. No shortcuts.  We all deserve a healthy wholesome meal. Especially now, when our health is of utmost importance. 

Benefits of joining the H3 program:

  • You will be open again, if you are not now.

  • You will be able to provide some re-employment for your staff.

  • Most importantly, when we all reopen you will have the most loyal, dedicated customer base that will support you infinitely, and forgive you when you serve a mid-rare steak when they wanted a mid-rare to rare steak.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the restaurants in our community banded together and created a model that gave all our friends who are suffering an affordable and/or free meal? We could be the first in the country that would at least take the fear of “where do I get my next meal” away from everyone who is suffering emotionally and financially. 

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to sign up, feel free to email me at R@SUBCULTUREGROUP.COM 


For those of you feeling restless, powerless, and eager to help, this is your chance to provide immediate relief to those who need it most. If you are unable to join us, donate. Reach out to friends, family, or business owners who may be able to do so. Despite our social distance, we are still in this together. 

Rodney Mayo

Owner, Subculture Group


In Person

Stop by and donate in person at

our current HQ. 


4700 S Dixie Hwy

West Palm Beach, FL 33405


Contribute what you can now via 

our PayPal portal. 100% of your donation will serve the local community.

Over the Phone

Call in your donation to our HQ. Every contribution is appreciated and will help local individuals and families.

By Email

Want to make an in-kind contribution, product or other gift? Email us your idea and a member of our team will reach out as soon as we can.

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